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The Farragut Fund for Catalan Culture in the U.S. is a fundraising and grantmaking organization. In legal terms, a 501(c)3, or not-for-profit.

We raise money from American and Catalan donors to give money to American and Catalan artists.

  • We invite writers, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, translators, coders, thinkers and creative folks with no label who want to tear down the barriers between disciplines to submit projects for development.
  • We invite people from anywhere in the Catalan sphere to work in the United States and people in the U.S. to work any place where Catalan is spoken.
  • We work with cultural organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, who will take these creative individuals and groups under their wings or their roofs to assure they get the greatest possible support and exposure for their projects.

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Mary Ann Newman

Executive Director

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